Magical Detours

October 12, 2016  •  3 Comments


Good Morning from Kamaloops! Today you’ll get to look through the eyes of a southern girl experiencing winter wonderland for the first time. This being our first true day of adventure, we were all pretty anxious to what awaited us in Jasper. As we walked outside into Canada’s first snow of the season we became a little doubtful of the conditions. While driving, we came a cross a checkpoint where news of a landslide down the road blocked our direct path to Jasper. But what’s so great about trusting the Lord in all situations is that He can turn your detour into the most magical day. This delay led us to the most adorable Swiss Bakery in Valemount, just before the British Columbia/Alberta border. We parked, walked in and was sad to find out that they only accepted Canadian cash. As we waited around and asked a few people, a kind lady was so generous as to trade a 20 USD for a 20 CAD. Yay! We had enough for a few pastries and authentic Swiss Hot Chocolate! While warming up in the bakery, news that the road opened up got us even more excited! After a fun short photo shoot at the bakery, we piled back into the car with our hands and hearts warmed and our taste buds and tummies happy.

IMG_1558IMG_1558 IMG_1613IMG_1613 IMG_1638-EditIMG_1638-Edit IMG_1643IMG_1643

We didn't get too far down the road before another photo op presented itself in front of the Alberta welcome sign, Bald Eagle sightings, and a large herd of Elk grazing at the Jasper entrance. An hour later we were checked in to the Tonquinn Inn and eating the most exquisite meal in a hidden restaurant underneath the streets of Jasper at the Downstream Restaurant. To spread the icing on the cake for the most amazing day, we sprinted back to the Inn to experience the outdoor hot tub during a snow flurried night… might have gotten kicked after 15 minutes, but it was worth every second!

IMG_1530IMG_1530 IMG_1727IMG_1727 IMG_1801IMG_1801 IMG_1712-EditIMG_1712-Edit IMG_1664IMG_1664

- Brook <3



These photographs are so cool! And your website is beautiful. Great meeting you guys at Over the Tapas in Bozeman :) Enjoy the rest of your road trip!!
Heather Wilson(non-registered)
This is fantastic! I love when the Lord's detour is paved with Swiss chocolate.... yum!
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